Monday, 14 November 2011

Turkish Sütlaç with Cinnamon baked Apples

Sütlaç is basically a Turkish version of Rice pudding. It's essentially made with milk and coarsely-ground rice, with sugar, vanilla and a little cinnamon and nutmeg. I made mine with soya milk, but made a little twist on the original by adding a sugar brûlée topping, and serving with Bramley apple slices, baked in golden syrup with plenty of cinnamon.

Jen x

Curry & Poppy seed Burgers.

I tried making homemade burgers again, this time using a little wheat gluten and egg-replacer to bind and the burgers and improve the texture. I also tried a different variety, these are curry and poppy seed soya burgers, and they are delicious!
I served them with a sprinkle of home-grown chopped coriander and basil, on a nest of quick-fried grated carrot and courgette and a mixture of lightly spiced brown rice and pearled spelt.

Jen x